NP B-30 a Budd RDC-2-1961_UnivMontana Ma

Pullman's Past Comes Alive

The Depot Freight Room is open Saturdays from 1:00 – 4:00pm.

Visit our new exhibits and displays.

Easiest access from the Whitman St parking area.

 Stop by in the evenings to see the passenger car window silhouettes and caboose lights. 

BookTalk 10-13-22
Palouse People 09-15-22
VR-small promo
Lentil Express at the Depot
Depot Days-08-2022
The Northern Pacific’s Great Big Baked Potato
Cleanup Fall 2021
WSC students on the Student Special Pullman NP Station
At the Depot - exhibits
Coffee truck at the Depot
Band and Freshmen beanies at Kamiaken
Fix the Bricks
NPDepot Pullman 1951 collection_University of Montana
VISION for the future
Stories of Pullman
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