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NP B-30 a Budd RDC-2-1961_UnivMontana Ma

Pullman's Past Comes Alive

The Depot Freight Room is open Saturdays from 1:00 – 4:00pm.

Visit our new exhibits and displays.

Easiest access from the Whitman St parking area.

 Stop by in the evenings to see the passenger car window silhouettes and caboose lights. 

2023_Depot Days graphic
22.05-11 pp_Ken Carper - photo
23.04-20 palouse people_quilts
23_vintage quilt show_promo_v03-Gregory
bt_Trevor Bond_02-23-23
pp_Fallen Cougar-22.11-10v3
train yard-sale_v4
BookTalk 10-13-22
Palouse People 09-15-22
VR-small promo
Lentil Express at the Depot
Depot Days-08-2022
The Northern Pacific’s Great Big Baked Potato
Cleanup Fall 2021
WSC students on the Student Special Pullman NP Station
At the Depot - exhibits
Coffee truck at the Depot
Band and Freshmen beanies at Kamiaken
Fix the Bricks
NPDepot Pullman 1951 collection_University of Montana
VISION for the future
Stories of Pullman
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