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Pullman's Past Comes Alive


Our commitment to the interpretation and preservation of local history began when we opened the freight room portion of the depot in 2019 and began designing displays, short-term exhibits, and scheduling programs. These efforts will continue under the direction of an Education and Events Workgroup with assistance from the Long-term Exhibit Workgroup.

211231-roof-04 NPDepot-Pullman_1951_p16013coll27_130_UnivMontana.jpg
NP B-30 a Budd RDC-2-1961_UnivMontana Mansfield library.jpg
Train Movers - Mike Curtis and crew - Keenan-Tom-Mike-Greg-Lonnie

We relocated 2 passenger cars to local properties.

Lost Apple Project
Vintage Quilts
1918 Influenza Pandemic
Fallen Cougar Project
Model Trains
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